The long awaited price for Facebook’s Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset was finally announced today along with the ability to pre-order the device. Thousands of people flocked to the Oculus store this morning to pre-order their Rift, only to be hit with the fact that the headset will retail in the US at $600. In some countries, the price point is much higher basically eliminating the headset as an affordable VR solution.  The $600 price tag has left many Oculus enthusiasts surprised and even angry as it is a much higher figure than previously anticipated.

Oculus Rift Price

Those lucky enough to be able to afford the Rift at this price will receive the following once the headset begins shipping out on March 28th of this year:

Despite the negativity on the Oculus Reddit sub, many people are not deterred by the high price and still plan to pre-order their Rift. Others are now shifting their focus to HTC’s Vive VR headset in hopes it will launch with a more affordable price.

What are your thoughts?