The Best TV for Gaming 2016


Input lag is a common problem that happens during gaming of all types. In first person shooter games, this lag can cause serious performance issues. Gamers need the best TV for gaming in order to outperform their competitors. While input lag cannot be eliminated completely, there are many TV options that provide the least amount of lag time possible at our current technology level. The following is a completely comprehensive list that will help you choose the best tv for gaming. Most have reduced lag time, a feature that a lot of gamers have fallen head over heels for. Gaming is a serious activity which means that gamers need serious materials to compete at the ultimate level. The following list is full of highly rated televisions that are perfect for hardcore gamers.

1. Sony KDL  55W802A

best tv for gaming

This television has an input lag time that is less than seventeen milliseconds and was built for hardcore gaming. It provides high-quality screen resolution that is a force to truly be reckoned with. Not many other brands compare to the amazing performance this TV from Sony provides.  Shadow detail and low lag time make this a great choice for gamers. This LED LCD TV has amazing features that seem endless. The only con associated with this option is that there is room for improvement in picture quality. This model scores high all across the board by providing accurate color and other benefits without sacrificing refresh time. This television also has great motion production. It is the prime choice for gamers, but it can be a bit expensive. Anyone who loves games that require fast reaction times will be impressed by how well the Sony KDL keeps up. The sleek and stylish design is a very modern and seems to wrap around. The strong backlight allows great shadow detail and deep black levels. This model truly is a gamer’s dream.

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2. Vizio EOi Series


There are a lot of things to love about this model. It is extremely affordable and received high reviews on Amazon. The deep black levels are top notch. Bright room performance is among the best of the best and the shadow detail is fantastic. All of the amazing features provide impressive picture quality that will make you feel like you are actually a part of the game. It has a sleek compact design that is eye catching to say the least. This television is not only an amazing value but it also provides impressive performance. Screen sizes vary to meet the needs of all gamers. The LED dimming system in this model helps it outperform more expensive models when it comes to overall picture quality. The only con associated with this model is that the input lag time runs around thirty to thirty six milliseconds. While the lag time runs a bit longer than other models, this TV is still a great option because of the high quality picture and sound. The Smart features associated with this model also help to make up for its few shortcomings.

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3. Toshiba 29L1350U


Toshiba is a top brand that is known for producing quality products at the lowest possible price and is one of the most affordable brands on the market. Prices on this TV vary depending on screen size. The number one thing that gamers love the most about this television is that it has a short lag time consisting only of twenty-five to thirty-six milliseconds. Overall, this is the most consistent televisions because it scores high across all scoreboards including picture quality, sound quality, and lag time. It has a refresh rate of 60 Hz, but the bright room performance makes it difficult during certain types of gameplay. The connectivity options, uniform screen, and top notch color are the major perks associated with this model besides the affordable price. The sleek design also makes it a great addition to any room in the home. This brand includes a soap opera effect that many gamers love because of its smoothing qualities.

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4. Samsung UN46H7150

best gaming tv

This choice has the best color and picture for the price. It is an affordable model and has received high reviews on Amazon. The Game Mode on the television can be difficult to find. It is not the most user-friendly model of television. However, the Game Mode makes this brand stand out among its peers because of the fantastic quality picture and sound. The superior images have great contrast and input lag time of this model is approximately thirty to thirty-five milliseconds. The rendition of color is extremely realistic and optimal for intense gaming. This television also has the strongest LED backlight edge on the market. Gamers on a budget love this television even though it is a bit unfriendly to users. The clear picture makes gaming feel more realistic than ever before. Not many other brands can bring such high-quality performance at such a low price. This model performs fantastically and does not cost a lot of money. This model is one of the most popular choices when it comes to the best TVs for gamers. Once gamers have figured out how to set up the settings for this model, they will find that all the work was worth it. The dazzling picture and quality sound are breathtaking. Graphics in games are intensified with the brilliant color of the bright backlighted picture. This model may have a slower lag time than other models, but it makes it up for it with amazing picture and sound.

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5. LG Electronics 42LF56000

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The price of this model television can range from three to five hundred dollars. It is a great value and received four and half stars on Amazon. The refresh rate of this model is sixty Hz and it has a direct LED backlight that provides great images that are sharp and provide accurate color. While this brand does not have Smart technology, it does provide two HDMI inputs as well as component and AV inputs. Optical digital audio is another thing that gamers love about this particular model. The lag time of this model ranges from thirty-two to sixty milliseconds. It does have a lag problem, but for the price and great images, it is a good deal. 1080p picture resolution brings all games to life that are played on this TV. Gamers will feel surrounded by their favorite game characters as they immerse themselves in the outstanding picture quality. The optical audio can be hooked up to surround sound speakers to intensify the overall game experience. The most common complaint related to this model of television is that it does not have a solid stand. LG is known for producing quality products at affordable prices. This television model definitely meets the high standards LG is so well known for. For the price, this television is completely awesome.

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6. Panasonic TX 42AS600

There are plenty of things to love about this model. Panasonic is a well-known brand across the country and across the world. This model is one of their best releases yet. Gamers should get ready to have the time of their lives. This model has an impressively short lag time that can range from twenty to thirty seconds. Even though this model can perform at optimal refresh speeds, there were a few sacrifices made. It doesn’t contain many HDMI or component hook ups. However, the quality of the picture and shadow detail is utterly outstanding. Other televisions from Panasonic have at least a thirty six millisecond lag. This model is one of the most affordable televisions that are great for gaming. The high definition 1080 quality picture is stunning.

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7. LG 55EC930V

This model has extreme slow lag levels. The rich colors make this television a fantastic option that will blow the minds of gamers. The pixel structure of the screen is never seen. In Game Mode, this television performs beautifully. The crisp clean images provide clear clean motion that is excellent for gamers. This model is one of the most affordable on the list. The motion reproduction is out of this world. Stupendous graphics and lightning fast response time makes this model a prime choice for people who love games. This powerhouse television has great reviews on Amazon. The only con associated with this television is that sometimes users can see the screen motion and transitions. Unwanted processing can also be noticed at times. All in all, this model is a great option for gamers because it refreshes so quickly and can make playing first person shooter games on consoles like XBOX One and PlayStation Four more realistic without compromising lag time.

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8. Linsar X24

This model is super slim sleek. Its chic design adds style to any space in your home. Not only is this television brilliantly designed. It is also a very affordable model that has outstanding reviews on Amazon. This model comes with a built in sound bar that has auto bass. The sound is epic. This television is equipped with Smart TV features that allow apps to be downloaded for streaming. The overall performance is a gamer’s dream. The refresh speed is outstanding. The lag time is only thirty milliseconds. The clear accurate color is another area where this model comes out on top among other types of televisions. The backlight is strong and clear motion makes games look even better. Multiple HDMI inputs and components are offered with this model. The clean sound from the sound bar is easy to use and control. This model received a four star rating on Amazon.

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9. ASUS VE247H

This model is complete with 1080 resolution that provides impressive crystal clear images with smooth clean motion. The Game Mode is a bit difficult to find, but it is a great addition to this television because of the high quality picture resolution and shadow detail. The two millisecond response time is the thing that makes this television a must have for gamers. No other television on the list has a faster refresh time. Gamers can say goodbye to lag once and for all. This LED model has multiple HDMI inputs that make it easy to connect multiple devices. The modern sophisticated design will rock you. Images on the screen are intimidatingly lifelike. This model received extremely impressive reviews on Amazon.

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10. Toshiba 32L1400U

This Toshiba model is extremely affordable. It is one of the cheapest televisions for gamers on the list. However, there are a few things sacrificed in order to make the price so low. The Game Mode leaves a lot to be desired. However, the clear quality picture and squeaky clean screen motion makes this model extremely desirable. The tones and contrast range of this model are aggressive to say the least. The color is a bit off and screen transitions can be seen with the naked eye. On the other hand, the fifteen millisecond delay makes up for a lot of the areas where this model falls short. There is a DVD deck built into the television, which is a great addition. Graphics pop off the screen during gameplay. This model has received high Amazon reviews.

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All in all, all of the televisions on this list are great options for gamers. These are the best TVs for gamers. Each television has their own unique set of perks, pros, cons, and shortcomings. However, each television model is great option for any hardcore or light gamer because of the overall fabulous graphics and impressive short lag times.